Elia Studios Amorgos


Aegiali is the north port of the island of Amorgos. The village and port are a 10 min. walk from the idyllic corner of the beach, the doorstep of Elia Studios. In the picturesque village one can find groceries stores, bakery, newspaper shop, several cafeterias, restaurants and bars, many of them open from April to October.
The main beach of the bay is Aegiali, a long sandy strip that starts from the port and ends near our studios, a delightful beach of clean blue green waters. In a walking distance of 10-30 minutes on natural paths, the visitor can have access to at least three more beaches: Levrosos, Psili Ammos, Hohlakas.
Over the bay are the three villages of Aegiali: Tholaria, Langada, Potamos. The guest can either walk via the fantastic network of paths to get there or drive there (as the furthest is 3,5 km away). Chora is the capital of Amorgos, a most beautiful Chora that many even consider the most beautiful of the Cyclades. The enchanting Chora is 19 km away from Aegiali. The second port of Amorgos Katapola, nearer to Chora, is 22 km away of Aegiali. During summertime there are buses connecting frequently each day the villages to capital and ports. Many travelers though prefer the ancient network of paths to move between the villages and to visit many of the ancient ruins that are found all around the incredibly beautiful island of Amorgos!